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Welcome to the Constitution for Israel website

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The purpose of this website is to inform the public of the continuous work of the Constitution, Law, and Justice Committee of the Knesset towards drafting a constitution for the State of Israel. The Committee seeks to create a constitution that represents all members of Israeli society.
When the Knesset passes an unconstitutional law
Who shall have the authority to determine whether or not certain legislation or acts of government contradict the constitution? And what should be the consequences when Knesset legislation contradicts the Constitution?

Official Draft of a Constitution for Israel

Prepared by the Constitution, Law, and Justice Committee of the Knesset, and presented to the Knesset on February 13th, 2006 (Tu Bishvat, 5766)
Executive Authority
In 2003 the Constitutional Committee invited former Prime Ministers Peres, Netanyahu, and Barak to a discussion on the executive. Among the questions posed to them: Would Israel be better off with a presidential system of government? Should there be a greater separation between the military and the government? Should the Arab minority enjoy collective rights? Read More...
Jewish and Democratic: National Symbols
The symbols of Israel represent Jewish history, culture, and Zionist ideology. They do not represent non-Jewish minorities that live in Israel. May Israel's symbols remain exclusively Jewish and Zionist, or should they be changed to represent all the citizens of the state? Read More...
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Social and Economic Rights
The Right to be Elected
Minority Rights
Joint Session with Canada's Justice Committee
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